Scientific foundations of predictive pricing

Modern price optimization approaches in e-commerce are built on scientific value-based methods. This article provides an overview of these methods — with the help of a few sparingly selected equations ;-). As a bonus, we review central concepts in pricing such as nested purchase decisions and price elasticity. Objective: modeling demand Predictive pricing is all […]

“Magic” Prices with Prezzu

  Prezzu can be used to configure flexible rounding rules to transform optimal prices (output variable OptimalPriceWithTaxes) into “magic” prices. Rounding rules are set in the table above. Each row corresponds to a price range determining a specific rounding rule. The parameters for each interval are as follows: Lower bound. Strict lower limit of the […]

Prezzu 4.0 on track

The development of Prezzu 4.0 is on schedule. After nearly two years of work on price optimization algorithms, this major release will add business functionality facilitating the deployment and automation of the solution: Prezzu 4.0 will be based on a client-server architecture and will support on-site and SaaS deployments. Dashboarding will be expanded and integrated […]

Prezzu 3.8.0 is available: Linux, updated aggregate model, and more.

This upgrade comes with new exciting features: Prezzu is now available for Linux, including its Command line mode. The Performance of the aggregate model has been improved. The Command line mode can now be performed through a property file. In addition to alignment on competition prices, prices can be aligned on unit costs with freely […]

BPIFrance supports Prezzu

BPIFrance, a leading investment bank, has granted fresh funding to ECOPA for the development of the next version of Prezzu, which will include a real-time optimization engine for dynamic predictive pricing. Thanks to BPIFrance for its support to innovative predictive solutions.

Prezzu 3.7.0 is available: Configurable alignment on competition prices

Business rules for alignment on competitors were added. Item by item, prices can be forced to the mean, median, or minimum or maximum prices of competitors, or to a specific competitor price. This rule can be combined with optimization of other items in the same category. Other new features include: The structure of the updated […]

Prezzu 3.6.0 is available : computation of “magic” prices

Version 3.6.0 is a major upgrade. It introduces the use of complex rounding rules to compute “magic” prices, which are so important in retail. For example, an optimized price will be “rounded” from €124.18 to €124.99 € or €123.90 €; or from €236.46 to €235.00. These rounding rules are entered into Prezzu via a clear […]

Prezzu 3.5.0 is available : optimized prices for smart inventory management

This is a major upgrade, with the addition of a powerful feature : price optimization to move inventory by determined target dates, item by item. This feature addresses a specific business need: a given inventory volume for some or all items in category must be disposed of by specific target dates. Examples of this situation […]