Experts in taxation, trade and impact assessment

ECOPA provides consulting services in sectors with a compelling need for rigorous analysis of policies and strategies. In taxation, trade and impact assessment, we combine a command of modern quantitative techniques with extensive field experience.

Our clients

Combining data-based economic analysis with policy experience


Excessive tax burdens, especially if combined with a complex regulatory system and poorly coordinated institutions, make taxation inefficient and unable to fulfill its objective

ECOPA provides assistance to tax administrations to assess and improve the competitiveness of their tax system and enhance taxpayer compliance.

ECOPA advises governments and funding agencies on tax policy using econometric modeling and micro simulations, including for the analysis of investment incentives.


Over the years, ECOPA has developed specialized expertise in the analysis of trade policies including evaluations of free-trade agreements. Its approach, combining state-of-the-art modelling techniques with strong field experience, generates robust and well-researched recommendations.

Our projects have included ex ante evaluations of the European Union’s Economic Partnership Agreements in Africa based on computable general equilibrium models and strategic advice on the future for regional trade agreements in the Pacific.

Impact assessment

To evaluate the impact of programs and policies in taxation and private sector development, ECOPA implements econometric methods to generate counterfactual scenarios and compare them with observed outcomes.

These tools are combined with qualitative techniques (case studies, focus groups) to provide balanced evaluations with practical lessons on policy and program design.

ECOPA is a member of the Economisti Associati-led consortium for impact assessments of the European Union’s internal tax and customs policies, for the European Commission’s DG TAXUD.

Consulting projects