Our credo: Innovation 

ECOPA provides consulting services and software to the private and public sectors. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art micro-economics and data science.

Founded in 2005, ECOPA has garnered recognition in predictive analysis with leading French online retailers.

It also has a long-standing relationship with the World Bank Group and the European Commission, with a history of many projects (both in emerging economies and in the EU) in business taxation, risk-based tax audits, trade and evaluations.

Close ties with academia give ECOPA a unique advantage. Our software and consulting approach use innovations from the scientific frontier in a professional, result-oriented context.

Our expertise: Predictive data analysis

Statistical algorithms at the forefront of scientific innovation

We offer effective predictive software based on the latest advances in econometrics and data science. As expert statisticians, we develop high performance algorithms that analyze present and past occurrences to make predictive models of future events.

Our expertise lies in the robustness of these procedures in a business context.

Our managing team


Charles Vellutini

Managing Director


Charles is the founder and managing director of ECOPA. He is a senior economist and econometrician with strong experience in taxation and trade analysis, policy evaluation and, in the private sector, optimal pricing for the retail industry. Charles graduated from HEC (Paris) and holds a PhD in Economics from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. He is a former associate professor at Toulouse School of Economics.


Georges Casamatta

Chief Data Scientist


Georges is a senior economist whose main interests are optimal taxation, political economy and econometrics. He has held a research position at the Toulouse School of Economics and France’s National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) since 2000. He specializes in predictive modeling for optimal pricing and risk analysis, leading the scientific development of Prezzu. He in also involved in ECOPA’s public policy analysis work steam. Georges holds a PhD from the University of Toulouse and is currently on leave from the CNRS.

J-F Morazzani grande-bw

Jean-François Morazzani

Head of Software Development


Jean-François is a software engineer with over ten years of experience of development. He led the development of the Footprint Asset Core software at BMC Software for 8 years. Jean-François is overseeing ECOPA’s software projects. Jean-Francois holds a Master’s degree in Software Technology from Edinburgh Napier University.

Our partners