Prezzu 2.3.1 is available

This is a minor update, mostly addressing bugs from upgrade 2.3.0. Extensions to existing features have also been added.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Optimization does not work adequately in cases with only one optimization period (for instance one week if data are compressed on a weekly basis) Fixed.
  • Execution without optimization does not work adequately in cases where the aggregate model is used for at least one category. Fixed.
  • When optimization fails for all categories, price bounds are not adequately reported. Fixed.
    Items are no longer correctly sorted in the output by item. Fixed.

List of new features:

  • The fine-tuning of the optimization algorithm has been improved, with a better dynamic update of the precision factor after each iteration of the algorithm.
  • Absolute price bounds can now be combined with relative price bounds. For a given item, absent lower or upper absolute bound, the most biding corresponding relative bound is used.
  • For a given item if price bounds are inconsistent (lower bound greater than upper bound), that item is set aside and the rest of the category is allowed to be optimized.
  • Optimal prices are now also reported with taxes included, alongside without taxes optimal prices.
  • Items that are present in the csv file used for reference price update but missing from the reference period in the main dataset are now reported in the output by article.