Prezzu 3.10.0 is available: business rules only, quantities as proxy to traffic, and more

This update delivers new exciting features:

  • Pricing modes now include a “Business rules only” project setting. With this setting, a project does not use Prezzu’s sophisticated optimization tricks — only alignment on competition prices or cost (within bounds) and “magic” (magnetic) prices. If no alignment rules are provided, “optimal” prices are the existing reference prices, subject to magic price rules.
  • Lagged quantities can now be used as a proxy of traffic data, both in the historical sales data and in updated optimization data.
  • The csv output file can now use system keywords as column headers, as opposed to localized headers.
  • Even if no historical data on competition prices is provided (and therefore even if competition prices are not used in demand estimation), updated competition prices can now be used to set relative bounds (with respect to competitors) or for price alignment rules.
  • Zero quantity observations can now be ignored during estimation (were previously always used). Useful if data quality is problematic on zero quantities.