Who is Revisor for?

Revisor supplies tax and social security authorities with predictive analysis to promote compliance and manage the risk of fraud.

What does Revisor do?

Revisor classifies entities (taxpayers, beneficiaries, citizens) according to the risk of non-compliance or the potential for recovery action that they present.

This classification is based on an analysis of audit or collection history and all other available information on the characteristics and behavior of those entities.

Based on identified risk criteria, Revisor produces optimal audit or debt recovery plans.

How does Revisor Work?

Revisor applies high performance statistical algorithms to select the best predictors of risk or collection from numerous possible characteristics.

Quantifying the risks of non-compliance or the potential of effective recovery, Revisor increases the probability of inspecting only fraudulent entities or of focusing on the best collection potentials.

ROI is King

Revisor’s return on investment is both rapid and quantifiable:

  • For tax and customs authorities, Revisor directly improves tax and duty collection by generating more adjustments and penalties through better-targeted audits and recovery action;
  • Revisor reduces audit costs by focusing on the riskiest entities. It is possible to generate the same impact, or a greater impact, with fewer audits or recovery actions;
  • Revisor calculates the revenue gap, the extra revenue that could have been raised if Revisor-recommended audit/collection plans had been implemented.

Discover REVISOR


An efficient approach to compliance

By evaluating the fraud risk of each entity, Revisor allows compliance promotion strategies to effectively target information & training actions, and of course audits. Because such compliance-enhancing actions are selective and risk-based, they effectively encourage voluntary compliance for taxpayers and citizens.

Risk-based audits

A modern tax administration targets its audits and its recovery efforts on the likely outcome of these activities. But how to quantify, ex ante, such likely outcomes? Revisor supplies analytical tools specialized in determining the a priori risk and collection potential of each entity.

Easy to test and deploy

Revisor is accessible in SaaS through a simple web browser, a critical advantage for administrations with limited IT resources. Revisor can also be deployed from a local network, and still be accessed via a web browser.

Cutting-edge statistical modeling

Revisor has been developed by experts in statistical modeling. It uses up-to-date specialized statistical algorithms based on a significant R&D effort.

Easy to use

Revisor has a carefully crafted, web-based GUI. It is simple to use, requiring neither prior training in statistics nor coding.

Copes well with limited data

Revisor relies primarily on risk profiling based on observed past non-compliance. As such it works well in environments with limited data sources, as well as those that combine multiple sources.

Our commitment: statistical performance


Revisor offers an integrated suite of powerful statistical algorithms for optimal audit planning and recovery actions.

Revisor revolutionizes the risk analysis of tax fraud and collection by widening access to powerful algorithms currently only available through complicated and expensive IT & consulting solutions. Revisor is also available in SaaS mode through a clear and simple web interface.

Revisor dovetails into tax and customs administrations’ information systems. n this way the access rights and user interface can be easily managed and modified in the client’s existing information system. Revisor becomes a specialized statistical subsystem.

Opt for a more powerful algorithm


Revisor’s central algorithm combines data from audit and collection history with all available information on entities; it identifies the best risk/collection predictors from hundreds of possible explanatory variables.
This algorithm is based on Lasso techniques combined with the rigour of cross-validation.


Explore our technical documentation to learn more about the analytical performance of Revisor

Specialized and easy-to-use

Not a single line of programming is necessary to quickly obtain useful output. Revisor offers real and substantial savings in terms of the time needed to deploy, learn and set-up the program.

Available on the ECOPA cloud

Access Revisor through your internet browser and benefit from the collaborative approach inherent to SaaS products. Revisor offers totally secure granular user rights management, by project. Try Revisor in SaaS mode and optimize your ROI compared to traditional solutions based on older server-client technology.

Revisor can also be deployed locally

Install Revisor on-site. With the same collaborative features, individual users can still access Revisor through a simple web interface.

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