Tax evasion and offshore financial centres

Our study for the European Commission on international tax evasion has been published

Revenue mobilization in Benin and Togo

Our reports on revenue mobilization in Benin and Togo published by the World Bank

ECOPA in Senegal on start-up and SME taxation

ECOPA has been commissioned by the World Bank to assist Senegal in its reform of the taxation of start-ups and SMEs.

ECOPA provides consulting services to governments and international organizations in areas requiring advanced economic analysis, such as impact evaluation, taxation and trade. ECOPA combines a mastery of up-to-date quantitative techniques with solid experience with policies and institutions.




ECOPA implements the OECD-DAC approach to evaluation to measure the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of programs and policies. ECOPA uses econometric methods generating rigorous counterfactuals to measure impact.


To help governments improve tax systems and enhance revenue mobilization, ECOPA combines its international experience in best practices with the appropriate use of up-to-date data modeling.


Investment Climate

ECOPA helps governments improve the investment climate and Doing Business indicators.


ECOPA analyzes the impact of trade and regional integration agreements by combining advanced modelling techniques with practical experience with institutions and policies.