Impact Evaluation: ECOPA Scientific Seminar at TSE

Georges Casamatta, scientific director of ECOPA, presented a seminar on impact assessment on 14 February 2019 at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). This presentation uses ECOPA’s approach and case studies.

An impact evaluation of IFC investment climate program in Mali

ECOPA has been selected by IFC to evaluate its assistance program for investment climate reforms in Mali. This evaluation includes an analysis of the impact of the war (2012-2014) on the economy, using the Synthetic Control Method.

OHADA Impact Assessment Published

Our evaluation for IFC of the OHADA Initiative, a first since the creation of that organization in 1994, has been officially published.

ECOPA provides consulting services to governments and international organizations in areas requiring advanced economic analysis, such as impact assessment, taxation and trade. ECOPA combines a mastery of up-to-date quantitative techniques with a solid experience of policies and institutions




Impact Evaluation

To evaluate the impact of public programs and policies, ECOPA implements econometric methods to generate counterfactual scenarios and compare them with observed outcomes. These tools are combined with qualitative techniques (case studies, focus groups) to provide balanced evaluations with practical lessons on policy and program design.


To help governments improve the attractiveness of tax systems and enhance revenue mobilization, ECOPA combines its international experience of best practices with the appropriate use of up-to-date data modeling.

Business Climate & Trade

ECOPA helps governments improve the business climate and Doing Business indicators.

ECOPA analyzes the impact of trade and regional integration agreement by combining advanced modeling techniques with practical experience of institutions and policies.